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Ingrahm is a newly discovered and recently settle continent rich with natural wealth, untamed lands and grand adventure. In the past 50 years the Green Dragon Explorations company have taken control of the majority of the continent along with its resources and pushed out most of the native peoples. Because of the land’s resources they have been able to build great cities and establish a strong up and coming country. But with natives being pushed to the brink of extinction and portions of the continent still waiting to be explored there is no telling what hardships the young country has yet to face. It is in this young country full of so much potential that our adventure takes place. Adventurers will be able to explore the country and help it grow and stabilize or they can embrace hidden powers on the island and help return the land to its more natural state. Before that they must first learn to fight and what better place then the gladiatorial arena where men are broken and reforged into champions.

Arena of Trials is the first part of the campaign that takes place on the continent of Ingrahm. The characters must fight to stay alive in the arena by battling men, monsters and by appeasing the crowd. They must also use there wits and resourcefulness to solve problems inside and outside the arena. Ultimately the characters will have to make the choice to either reject the life of a slave, forced to fight and kill or embrace the bloodthirsty roar of the crowd and become the most brutal gladiators Ingrahm has ever known.

The Arena of Trials

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