Leader of Gladsaxe keep and General in the Barbarian Wars


Height: 5’10

Weight: 167

Hair: grey

age: 57

alias: The General


Attel is the formal general in the barbarian wars and head of Gladsaxe as well as the Northern Keeps. Attel is a soldier in every sense of the word. Honor and duty on the battlefield in service of the people is his highest priority. He is loyal to King Typhon and to the growing number of common people living on Ingrahm. As a soldier he is unique in that he finds no pleasure in spilling blood and often looks at violence as unfortunate necessity to keep the peace. As he grows older he has become more politically active in the council of Waltair. He is now petitioning to have peaceful negotiations with races that have been forcefully removed from their homeland as a way to end the violence in the future.


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